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Minority owned small business seeking to make a difference

Our Story
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2 women trying on many different gold rings
Our story

We want you to tell your story through jewelry

A piece of jewelry should be an expression—a unique expression of you, your beauty, your story. Through the expression of jewelry, we are on a mission to empower women from all walks of life to be their most confident and beautiful self.

When you wear A Gilded Leaf, we want our story to be a part of yours—that’s why it is important to us to be responsible for our footprint and always maintain sustainable practices, source ethically, and support local small businesses.

A close-up of a hand holding gold dimaond necklace with a small hexagonal pendant in front of a brown background

The women behind
A Gilded Leaf

3 women empowered to disrupt the jewelry industry and make fine jewelry accessible to all

Our inspiration came from our moms. Growing up in a low-middle income immigrant family, they couldn't afford the luxuries of fine jewelry. They wore the same one or two pieces their whole lives. But those pieces represent them and who they are. We believe that jewelry should be just that: an expression of self and a representation of one's story, made to last a lifetime.

We came together to create A Gilded Leaf, based on this shared belief and a desire to revolutionize the jewelry industry by designing jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also accessible to all and of high-quality.

We met by chance, in a way that was meant to be: mothers and female entrepreneurs with a common goal. A perfect union of skills, vision and values. We want to create jewelry that resonates with all women, empowering them to feel confident and beautiful.

Sara, Isabelle & Minsi
Our process

We believe that jewelry should be a reflection of who you are because it will accompany you on your life journey every time you wear it.

Every piece of A Gilded Leaf jewelry starts with an idea. An inkling, a thought, a musing. And we turn that idea into a design.

We work with local artisans to design and craft every piece of jewelry using the highest-quality, responsibly sourced materials, while keeping sustainable practices in mind. We support local small businesses to preserve the intricate craftsmanship from veteran jewelers that are being lost every day to large corporations and technology.

Our goal is to give back to our community for the unheard and undervalued. We founded the company based on our own struggles of being minority, female, low-middle class, and mothers.

Our products do not have the traditional large markups and are affordable and accessible to anyone regardless of their budget. To create pieces that fit everyone's budget, we always use a variety of stones that are sustainable and ethical.

We are committed to making sure every piece is made to perfection and is personally involved from start to finish. We inspect every piece of jewelry crafted by A Gilded Leaf, making sure that each design is exquisitely brought into reality.

An artisian carving leaves in a wax to use as mold for gold custom ring.

What we believe in and stand for


Jewelry is an expression of self. We want everyone wearing A Gilded Leaf to be empowered to be the best version of themselves. We aspire to give everyone the courage to feel confident, beautiful, loved, and to  be whoever or whatever it is that they aspire to be.


We know the struggles faced by marginalized and minority groups. We’ve seen it, heard it, and felt it ourselves. Because of this, A Gilded Leaf is committed to driving social change in our community, by infusing inclusivity, understanding and compassion into everything we do.


We ensure that every piece of jewelry we make is crafted to perfection. By having our jewelry made to order right here in New York, rather than mass produced, we have full control of the production journey.


By making to order, reducing waste, and sourcing ethically, every piece of A Gilded Leaf jewelry supports our goal of leaving the planet better than we found it.


Everyone has a story, we want to hear it. Whether it’s jewelry we design or jewelry you design, we build all concepts around our customers. So having real life connections with you is important to us.

The bare bones

Our mission is to make fine jewelry accessible to all so that we can empower all women to feel confident and beautiful through the expression of jewelry.

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Solid 14K gold necklace with 5 round center stones in a bezel setting.Wander Longingly Necklace

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