Choosing the Right Band to Three Stone Engagement Ring

So you have our Three Stone Engagement Ring from A Gilded Leaf, and you're looking for a matching band to fit. From subtly curved to a pointed a pointed chevron, which wedding band would be perfect?

Here are some options: 

  1. Stellar Diamond Curved Wedding Band
    Stellar Curved Diamond Ring
  2. Arch Diamond Ring
    Arch Diamond Ring
  3. Diamond Wave Ring
    Double Wave Ring
  4. Drop V Ring / Drop V Ring with Diamonds
    Drop V Ring
  5. Curved Diamond Ring (with either 1 or 3 burnished diamonds)
    Curved Diamond Ring
  6. Nova Diamond Curved Wedding Band
    Nova Diamond Curved Wedding Band
  7. Wavy Gold Ring
    Wavy Gold Ring
  8. Crown Diamond Curved Wedding Ring
    Crown Diamond Curved Wedding Band
  9. Twinkle Diamond Curved Ring
    Twinkle Curved Diamond Ring

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