Sara Beznicki

Sara Beznicki-Kang

Owner | Creator | Designer

Sara is the founder and creator at A Gilded Leaf. I love jewelry inspired by nature and organic shapes but that also ties in my own unique tastes. I am so grateful that I am able to make products that are handmade in NY, fair trade, ethically sourced and conflict-free as well as hand selecting diamonds and gemstones for each customer, we want you to have jewelry that you will be proud to show for years to come.



Isabelle Tan

Creator | Marketer | Photographer

Isabelle is the co-creator, all around helper and marketer of all that is A Gilded Leaf. You'll most likely meet her in email form or see her beautiful product photos on our site. She manages most of our customer emails, and helps out with production, shipping, and is part of the design process here at A Gilded Leaf.


  Cindy Beznicki

Cindy Beznicki

Creator | Production Manager

Cindy takes the designs created by Sara and puts it into motion. She is the liaison person between Sara and Pepe, as she breaks down the design and communicates the execution to Pepe. With over 30 years experience under her belt, she is the person who will get your jewelry done the way you want and is amazing at interpreting custom designs, even the most intricate.


   Pepe Sedano

Jose "Pepe" Sedano

Master Jeweler 

Pepe is our master jeweler. He carves the wax models by hand, cleans castings, sets gems and diamonds, and repairs our jewelry. Everything is done in-house and we never ship or send your jewelry out of our studio. Pepe has been with us since 1986 when he was 18 years starting out as an apprentice jeweler.